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Digital Camera Market

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Digital cameras operate by taking a picture or video by digitally recording the images, without the use of film or production of negatives. Digital cameras show the image on a display screen imbedded in the camera immediately after the picture was taken. The recorded images are stored on a memory card that often allows for much more data storage than a roll of film. Digital cameras can be connected to computers to download the images, and sending the images out for development is not necessary in order to immediately view the pictures.

While originally digital cameras were simply intended to be an innovative way to capture images as opposed to cameras that utilized film, their purpose has come to exceed imitation. Digital cameras have become a visual communication medium, as the images captured with them can be downloaded, edited and enhanced, printed at home or sent to a studio, used for a presentation, or to share with others via the internet, all within a matter of moments.

Demand in this industry continues to grow, and is driven by individual consumers, as well as commercial businesses. This growth can be attributed to three specific sectors: digital cameras that are tethered for both home and desk communication, digital cameras overriding the functionality of standard cameras, and digital cameras for use in applications for which film cannot effective operate. Several other industries require photographic services that cannot always be accomplished with film cameras, such as insurance, security, diagnostic medicine, event photography, or education.

Global Digital Cameras Market to Reach 155 Million Units by 2017, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.


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