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McDonalds and 3m Digital Marketing

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Summary: Product Strategy

Lately, McDonalds has been changing its product to reflect the 21st century. Obesity is common all over the world and people have connected it to the golden arches of McDonalds restaurants. The article explains how McDonald’s new product line accommodates the world’s obsession of obesity by offering healthy, updated menu items. In the article, McDonald’s adapts to new fast food market trends because the customer’s desires to be healthier. McDonald’s began offering more healthy choices and gourmet coffee in their menu. McDonalds also competes with Starbucks on the breakfast slot so it gave its breakfast and dessert items more variety. In some restaurants it keeps the breakfast menu open throughout the day. Some of the popular modern product adaptions include the McGriddle, fruit smoothies and choices of salads. Of course, how often people will actually order these new healthy items at the drive-thru depends on McDonalds commitment to these items. The chain has sponsored UK international sporting events in an attempt to aid its new ‘healthy menu’ product strategy, so we will see.


The new product strategy used by McDonalds is timely and follows customer trends. Obesity is rampant in many parts of the world not just in the U.S. McDonalds knows that if it offers a mix of healthy items with its classic menu its in a safe zone regarding product choices. However, there are many skeptics who believe its revamped menu will not succeed because the hybrid menu is temporary. Recently the restaurant has received much criticism from parents, media and the FCC. However, McDonalds made these product changes because careful market research revealed higher profits would result from a new sophisticated menu. By staying current these adaptions are going to keep the company profitable and should meet new consumer demand. Another big reason for the updated menu is from a strong competitor like Starbucks. This is a reason why McDonalds now keeps an all day breakfast menu in some of its stores. The new line of fresh quality coffee is also no accident. McDonalds realizes Starbucks is a major player in the breakfast time slot and has taken a chunk of that market from McDonalds. However, McDonald’s is fighting back with heavy interests in the future with new healthy products, a new breakfast environment, gourmet coffee and sponsorships of international sporting events on the global stage

Summary: International marketing strategy

McDonald’s has a digital marketing strategy in the works. It plans the make the golden arches known to the world through electronic media such as the web and mobile devices. The challenge is that the McDonald’s brand is known in people’s minds as a top five global brand but the brand is barely in the top 1000 on the digital stage.


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