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Culture Variation Cross International Organization

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3 summary

4 The meaning of culture

6 Explanation of the different national culture frameworks

9 Discussion of International mergers and acquisitions

12 Conclusion

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Culture is the path of Mosul for the summit... There is no status and dignity of a society without the knowledge... Nor the courage and strength of a nation without knowledge... and knowing the same culture , that culture is a weapon of the nation in all its aspects against enemies , against ignorance , humiliation and darkness .

Cross cultural management helps organization members to gain better understanding of other cultures, of their culture and of the consequences of people from different cultures working together

Cross Cultural Management seeks to:

• Understand how national cultures affect management practices.

• Identify the similarities and differences across cultures in various management practices and organizational contexts.

• Increase effectiveness in global management.

We can summarize the meaning of culture, as it is one of the pillars of civilization and constitute the mental element, which includes all aspects of non- material and faith, values, ideas, customs, traditions moods, tastes, language and emotions that are specific to a particular nation from other nations.

In addition, what is most important in this aspect is the belief the most important basic rules that remain always provide the nation including distinguishes personal and at the same time gives it strength, survival and continuity.

They differ from civilian , a physical aspect of civilization, such as buildings and achievements of the industrial , transportation , housing and clothing used by the man in his life and distinguished civil canvass that belongs to all humans,

Cannot be characterized by a nation on the other and the culture is the spirit of civilization while pose Civil its article and her body.

The meaning of culture

That culture is the sum of beliefs, values and norms that are accepted and complied with members of the community. That culture is the power and authority directed to conduct the community,


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