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Cross Culture Management

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1. Introduction 4

2. Cultural Dimensions 4

2.1 Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions 4

2.2 Globe Cultural Dimensions

2.3 Hodgetts and Luthans perspective factors affecting society 5

2.4 Trompenaars Theory 5

3. Multinationals: Strategies regarding managing people across

cultural borders 6

4. Expatriates 6

4.1 Preparing for expatriation 6

5. Cultural Intelligence 6

6. Conclusion 7

7. References 8

1. Introduction

Cultures are the starting points on which groups of people are differentiated on the basis of various categories such as human nature, his style of working, his negative or positive vote on certain issues etc. These categories are established by the pioneers of this subject which is cross culture management. Today with the advent of globalisation this subject has suddenly gained importance as the communication between all type of entities (companies, humans, managements, governments, families etc) has grown due to the aspirations of emerging and emerged multinationals to establish a global presence has increased. Initially in this paper theories of cultural differences between nations will be discussed. Then the differences between culture of multinationals and policies they have taken will be considered. Towards the end the issues faced by the expatriates and the possible solutions will be explored with cultural intelligence.

Culture is evident in many of the activities performed by a person in his daily life irrespective of his environment he is working in. Sometimes it can be sensed directly or sometimes indirectly. Mostly it is evident through his decisions regarding various issue. Over the years many researchers have developed many theories to recognise the differences and issued faced due to clashes in the way two societies behave through their extensive primary data. Some of the following are the most important dimensions by the most famous researchers are described below.

2. Cultural Dimensions:



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