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Cross Cultural Management

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Name: ____________________________________________________ Group: _______

SUMMARY (3-5 sentences)

Gamal Aziz is the CEO of the company MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. Aziz supported the involvement of employees in work due to this the MGM Grand became the second most profitable hotel on the strip after the Bellagio. The company is facing a crisis, costs increase, and Aziz forced to economize on some of the training programs.

PROBLEM (task to solve, 7-9 words)

Maintaining employee engagement during a crisis.


  1. people
  1. Gamal Aziz is the CEO of the company MGM Grand.
  2. Don Lowman is co-author of the book «Closing the Engagement Gap» and Towers Perrin Managing Director.
  3. Charles A. Scherbaum is an associate professor in the psychology department at Baruch College.
  1. organization
  1. MGM Grand is Hotel & Casino;
  2. Bellagio is Hotel;
  3. Towers Perrin

ISSUES (points of conflict)

1. He can continue to economize on some of the training programs.

2. He can try to minimize the costs of using other optimization methods.

OPTIONS (pros &cons)

First option:


- He did not have to find another way to minimize costs;


- He runs the risk of having a dearth when things rebound and they really need them;

Second option:


- Qualification of managers will not be bad


- It is difficult to develop new optimization plan

- He will have to sacrifice something else


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