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Complaint of Differentiation of Race in New Zealand Citizens by Custom officers

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Mr. David Campbell

General Manager

Auckland Airport,

Ray Emery Dr, Auckland 2022

New Zealand

Subject: Complaint of differentiation of race in New Zealand citizens by custom officers

at Auckland International Airport.

My name is .............. I am an international student and currently studying at Waiariki Institute of Technology, Rotorua in Applied Management. I want to discuss incident that I read in the newspaper about racial discrimination occurred with Mr. Andrew Marley and his wife at Auckland Airport. When Mr. Andrew Marley and his wife coming back after visiting the United States.

The incident was that when Mr. Andrew Marley arrived at the Auckland International Airport from the United States trip. The customer officer differentiated them by their race. Mr. Andrew Marley was offended by custom officer behavior and the way he asked questions from Mr. Marley. The customs officer did not ask any question to other European passengers. While Mr. Andrew and his wife were trying to explain, they are a citizen of New Zealand. Then, the policeman threatened arrests them. He also told them, Mr. Marley and his wife did not come to New Zealand. While ignoring that we were New Zealand citizen.

New Zealand is a tourist place. Every day many passengers or tourists come to New Zealand for visiting. The Auckland International Airport is the biggest airport in New Zealand which was opened on 20th Nov. 1965. I also respect the custom officer that he is aware of his responsibilities but, the behavior of the officer was really unexpected for me as well as this was particularly stressful for both Mr. Andrew Marley and his wife. If this type of behavior would be happening to


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