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Cliptomania Case

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The purpose of this paper is to address the case study of Clipomania. A swot analysis will be presented stating what their strengths, weakness’, threats, and opportunities are. The difficulties involved with selling products internationally on the web also will be discussed and finally the importance of how a web manager must understand how a search engine determines the relevancy of the site will be talked about. These three topics will be the basis of this paper.

Cliptomania is a web store that’s only product is clip on earrings. It was established by the Santo’s family and operated out of their home to reduce operational costs. The business has grown substantiality with its growth rate consistently growing.

Based on your analysis of the Cliptomania case. What are the keys to Cliptomania’s success?

Cliptomania's success is due to the Santos' proactivity in identifying a gap in the jewelry market, identifying money-making options while eliminating operating costs, and their ability to market themselves while providing excellent customer service.

Cliptomania's delivery of a high-quality product as well as outstanding customer service has been key to its success. In a time when people are often suspicious of, and subject to online schemes, Cliptomania maintains a liberal return policy of their products with no questions asked. Additionally, Cliptomania has been proactive with clients in foreign countries (although not a common practice) despite potential losses of revenue in order to satisfy the needs of the customer.

Cliptomania's program to obtain satisfaction levels of its clients provides customers the impression that the company is dedicated to servicing their needs. Consumers tend to shy away from responding to corporate surveys unless they


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