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Chick-Fil-A Marketing Plan

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Company Description/Business Mission

Chick-fil-A was incorporated in 1964 by Truett Cathy in Atlanta Georgia after he experimented with different ways to cook chicken and make it a fast food item. He did his experimenting in a restaurant he owned with his brother called the Dwarf House. When Cathy used the combination of a pressure cooker, peanut oil, spices, and pickles the chicken fillet sandwiches, which they were called then, started outselling the burgers in the Dwarf House. After perfecting the chicken sandwich Cathy hired a patent attorney and using the words chicken and fillet came up with Chick-fil-A the A would stand for being first or best. As soon as Cathy had the name he hired the Richard Heiman Company to create the logo and Chick-fil-A was born. Today Chick-fil-A has some 1,240 units in 38 states and is estimated at $1.98 billion while ranking second in fast food restaurants specializing in chicken. The company's business philosophy is built around service. They treat everyone with respect, honor, and dignity. They also believe in serving the communities they are involved with by doing volunteer work. Truett Cathy created a 5 step business philosophy that still stands today. Step 1 climb with care and confidence meaning make sure you do everything right on the step you're on before taking the next step. Step 2 is to create a loyalty effect by hiring outstanding employees who love their job and making the customers visit so pleasant they keep coming back. Step 3 is never lose a customer by always being kind and positive. Step 4 is put principles and people ahead of profits by not just selling chicken but becoming part of the people's lives and communities in which they serve. Step 5 is closed on Sunday. This is the company's way of honoring God and directing attention to things that matter more than business.


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