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A brief explanation of a call centre agent on what debt counseling is all about.

I am calling you from a registered Debt Counseling Company called Debt No-More (fictitious). We assist clients that are struggling to meet their monthly premiums on their existing accounts.

What we do is, we take away the burden of creditors harassing you at inconvenient times by restructuring your finances and negotiating a lower installment, lower interest rate at an extended period of time with your creditors to make it more affordable for you to avoid repossession of your belongings. It is well known that debtors some months miss one or more payments to credit providers.

We aim to ensure that you have enough money for your living expenses first such as groceries, rent, school fees transport etc. We will allocate what you can afford after your living expenses to be distributed to your creditors; this will be facilitated on behalf of you every month. Debtors normally have more than 1 credit card, store card or loan.

So, instead of you going to each and every creditor every month this will be done for you via a single debit order per month.

We also ensure that we try to reduce your current interest rate that you paying for your accounts, we intend to finalize this process within 60 days.

The application fee, rejection fee, restructuring fee, after care fee, Legal fee and credit report fee will all be handled by us. The restructuring fee is the lesser of the first installment of the debt rearrangement plan or a fixed amount in respect of a consumer whose application has been accepted in terms of the credit law. Should a joint application be required the fee can be increased.


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