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Caffe' Gino - Kuala Lumpur Isetan Klcc Shopping Mall in Malaysia - Marketing Management

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Assignment for Criteria 1 (Marketing Management)

Year: 2016

Student Name: Aung Naing Thu


Caffe' Gino which located at Kuala Lumpur Isetan KLCC shopping mall in Malaysia is a franchised outlet of Gino Co., Ltd which is owned by Mr Kiyohisa Fugino. Kuala Lumpur Isetan KLCC Caffe' Gino shop is the first overseas outlet opened in January 2012.

Caffe' Gino shop is very popular in Isetan KLCC due to Gino specialty coffee beans with its own distinct aroma and taste. Not only the elegant and natural aroma specialty beans but also bar-style setting offering cake and drink set menus, ''Gino Collezione'' Italian wines are famous as well. As the baristas also use La Cimbali, Italian brand coffee machines, to produce its elegant and aroma rich espresso and cappuccino, I could mention that the main competitor of Gino Coffee is Starbucks Coffee.

Even their competitor, well-known Starbucks coffee shop which is located only a few shops away, found themselves in difficult situation because most of the customers moved to Caffe’ Gino. Nevertheless, the sales of Caffe’ Gino has deeply fallen in early months of 2015due to the leaving of experience baristas and arrival of new staffs. During the down fall situation, the management teams are researching the solution how to gain back the success.

The followings will be up-down-up dynamic sales trend of Caffe' Gino store as per below-mentioned models.

Fawcett's Model

At the starting of 2016, Caffe’ Gino managements hired experience baristas and also started innovations to achieve higher customer perceived value. Based on Fawcett’s Model, it can be seen the return of Caffe’ Gino sales.

Innovation:        For the creation of blended coffee and selection of imported wine, it places special                 emphasis on aroma. The original blends are produced using the highest quality                         coffee beans. It has always been very important in the process of blending to                         enhance sophisticated aroma and taste. The customer will get the feeling of the                         delicate aroma of Gino Specialty Coffee and tastes of the various exquisite coffees                 beans.

Delivery:          The quality of Caffe' Gino was getting higher due to its consistently good customer services and a classy romantic atmosphere with consistent store design. Besides, the company launched the delivery services on early January of 2016 because customers are demanding more convenience.

Quality:        The usage of the highest quality premium beans with its elegant and natural aroma (Specialty Beans) was one of the reasons to be higher sales of Caffe's Gino store.

The skilled artisans roast the highest quality beans and then roast in small batches, adjusting roasting time to suit each type of bean. The beans are then hand-picked to ensure that only desirable quality beans are used and especially roasting and selection by the hands of artisans.


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