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Doing the Shopping

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I like fast shopping. It means, I know exactly what I want to buy so I spent just a little time getting it. With clothes it is not so easy, because I just know, what kind of clothes I want to buy. For example, I need jeans. So I go to the first shop I can see and look around, what the jeans in the shop look like and how much they are. If they fit to me and the price is ok, I buy it and that's all. But mostly it is not so easy. So I have to go through some shops to find the best for me. It takes time and I do not like it a lot. That is why I do like buying the clothes. Other sorts of goods are easily to buy. You have nothing to hesitate about.

Another thing is, where you want to do the shopping. I like supermarkets, because there is everything and you can choose from many marks and sorts of goods. Well, I buy there mostly just groceries. Electronic, bike and car equipment, clothes and other products are better to be bought in the specialized shops, because you might needed the help or you have some questions about it and there should be an educated stuff. Actually, when I make a small shopping every day, like buying some bread or milk I do not go to the supermarket. Especially rolls are better to be bought in the bakery. They taste much more better.

To tell the truth I buy almost all electronic equipment and gadgets on the Internet and some of them I buy not in the Czech Republic, even not in the Europe. The biggest advantage is, that you can compare all the products properties and different prices. You can also read the response and feeling about the good, so you can find if the quality is good enough or not. Actually, the internet is the biggest shop on the World. You can buy almost everything there and pay it immediately with you credit card. It is very fast and it should be secure. This kind of shopping I like the most.


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