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Advertising Strategy for Consignment Shop

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Promotion/Advertising Strategy for Consignment Shop


The interesting thing about the audience of Gypsy House, consignment shop, would be that there are two main audiences to focus on. These two groups consist of the shoppers and the sellers. We are going to have to promote the consignment shops to both groups in similar ways. Our goal is to make them believe they are getting a two in one deal. We want them to view this type of trade as something they need and will enjoy. Mrs. Jennifer has asked for us to not direct our focus to one main group such as women or men. Our suggestion is to promote the trade opportunities by being a buyer and a seller of the Gypsy House.


Even though we are not to target one specific area, statistically we do know that ¾ of the buying population of clothing are women. With this said 70% of the ¾ population of buyers are moms. We need to inform the potential customer of the Gypsy House’s existence and persuade them to look into this type of shopping. Through Facebook and our outgoing positions at ULM we can inform all of the people that we know about Mrs. Jennifer’s consignment shop. Being females we have many friends with children, we want to place flyers in the daycare centers to reach new customers. Not only do we want to use day care centers we would like to use hair shop, and also pass out flyers to schools for teachers and the students to take home. Each of our choices for flyers was based on a lower level of income and constant changing communication. We realize that through each of the places we’ve mentioned there is some economic constraint that could pull customers in for this bargain. Stephanie and I will continue to remind people of bargain they could be receiving, and always try to reinforce the situation. Remaining constant in our communication processes, we will not stop until word of the consignment shop spreads around and becomes even more successful.


We want the message of the Gypsy House to be that Jennifer Allen welcomes all potential shoppers and sellers to come and bargain with her. We want all people to view the Gypsy House as a great investment being run by an awesome person. When people think about going shopping, we would like for them to think of the Gypsy House first. Not only are the clothes in good condition but they are marketed down 70 percent compared to the retail stores. Many mothers of children love this because kids grow so fast usually the clothes you spends hundreds of dollars on at retail stores do not fit them in the following season. Mostly we want people to know that there is a large variety of higher quality used clothing items waiting at the Gypsy House for their convenience. We want customers to be 100% satisfied with their shopping experience every time the


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