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Advertising Is an Important Strategy

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Assignment 1

Advertising is an important strategy and has a major influence on everyday life. Advertisers are not only using advertising to attract adults attention, but also using this method to children. In order to achieve this purpose of advertising, three main advertising techniques are used to create effective advertisements.

'Cartoon characters' are one popular technique used by advertisers. The term 'Cartoon characters' refers to advertisements which useing lovely animal animation and heroes of animation movies to attract children's attention. This technique depend on computers, along with the development of computer technology, more and more advertising use 3D computer animation. An example for this is The Walt Disney Company uses Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on their advertising and print it on their products.

Another popular technique is Role Model. This strategy usually uses older children who looks professional in certain activities related to the products, that younger children admire or look up to. Advertisers want the younger children copy the older children from Role Model advertising. For example, there is a toy targets on eight years old children, they will be use eleven to twelve years old models play the toy with eight years old children. Obviously, this technique are very successful to persuade children buy their products.

The last advertising technique is real life situation. Advertising designers use this method to make products do something they can not do in real life. For instance, Batman toy on advertising can fly in the sky and be very powerful, children often want themselves to be as strong as Batman. Another example is Barbie Girl on advertising can do dancing and talking with children. But this technique also make children disappointed when children get the products it can not do the same thing as it shows in advertising. This method is too tricky to


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