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Lazada - Singapore’s Largest online Shopping Mall

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Launched in Singapore in Jun 2014

Founded by Rocket Internet GMBH → mostly set up e-commerce companies

300 employees in Singapore and Singapore is the APAC HQ

Establish a better brand understanding of Lazada as an online marketplace across 13 categories of products, not just on consumer electronics.

  • Singapore’s largest online shopping mall
  • B2C business model (You have to be a registered company in Singapore to set up a profile to sell on Lazada and there is a onboarding team to check on the sellers  hence it is very trust worthy)
  • Offer a wide range of products

Lazada is going on a direction that is very mobile-commerce focused.

Lazada’s tagline is effortless shopping, help people to save time and not go to shop physically.

There is a lack of research on e-commerce in Singapore market. How people buy online? What are people buying most online? How the results will feed in to build marketing collaterals? Brand Lazada as a young and quirky company. E-comm, M-comm and S-comm.

Lazada’s Competitors

  • Do not consider Zalora as a competitor as they are mostly focused on fashion
  • Taobao
  • Qoo10
  • Exclude Redmart
  • Amazon

Target audience is very wide because Lazada offers a wide range of products.

Lazada cannot compete on getting the best price, they can only help you get the best deals.

General marketing efforts currently: Most marketing efforts are online such as on social media. Offline marketing in offline ads such as magazines and publications. In the process of creating influencers. They also have affiliates.


  • Timeline and objectives of the survey
  • Creative


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