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Online Shopping

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SWOT analysis for online shopping


1) The price of the products are probably low as online store no need to pay rental and recovery of common expenses to the owners of shopping centres and consumer can easily find the best price of the product available online.

2) Wider range of products are available in online shop as compared with traditional physical shop.

3) The ease of purchase attract the customer for online shopping as they no need to leave their home or office to buy the products they need.

4) The consumer can shop 24/7 any time as they like, no time constraints for opening hours of a store.

5) The consumer can find the others comment for such product, so that they can make those comment as a reference for their purchase decision.


1) Consumer not able to touch the product and check the quality before purchasing it.

2) Takes time to wait for the delivery of purchased product.

3) It is economic wastage to return the product back overseas if the consumers find the product are faulty, especially for those bulky products, such as TV sets and washing machines.


1) Expand its market to worldwide through internet.

2) From the case, about 5% of all retailing is done online, and this is projected to reach about 8% within a few years and continuously increased in the future.

3) The new phenomenon of mobile commerce that the people use mobile devices to shopping online as the technology continuously developed and improved, and it is likely to grow quickly.

4) Hugh increase in logistics employment and more and larger distribution centres.

5) Work opportunities create for web development and e-commerce.

6) New employment in manning customer service such as return, warranty and service departments.


1) The consumers might buy more things but spend less through online shopping because of the globally best price offered.

2) Due to the well informed consumers


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