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The Current Obsession with Professional Hair Removal Treatments in Kuala Lumpur

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The Current Obsession with Professional Hair Removal Treatments in Kuala Lumpur

Madeline Chin Sai Ing (B1402891)

HELP University

The Current Obsession with Professional Hair Removal Treatments in Kuala Lumpur


       The existence of body hair is a natural development of the growth phases for both women and men, however the appearance of it has slowly become as a concern especially when it hits the puberty. Additionally, the social and cultural norms in past or today’s society are extremely influential in decision-making process. As an illustration, people in the ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia era viewed the practice of hair removal as a way of keeping their body clean and neat (Lubitz, 2016). Therefore, removing body hair is gradually developing as an acceptable action and it also contributed to creation of advanced hair removal methods due to today’s technology. The intention of conducting this research is to discover the rising trend of aesthetic hair removal and also the availability of the professional hair removal methods in Kuala Lumpur. The level of significance for this research is fairly high because it can serve as an introduction to hair removal for young adults or additional knowledge for customers whom already exposed to the current hair removal trend.

Research Objectives

  1. To comprehend the reasons for which women are constantly doing the practice of advanced hair removal treatment.

Research Question:

  1. What motivates women to begin the practice of removing their body hair?
  2. What makes professional hair removal treatment more favorable than the home-based treatment method?  

  1. To evaluate the dimensions of customers buying decision towards the various kinds of professional hair removal treatment.

Research Question:

  1. What are the crucial considerations that the customers need to be made before choosing the ideal service?
  2. How do customer expectations and experiences affects the next decision-making process?

Literature Review

Enthusiasm Towards Hair Removal Practices

       The practice of removing body hair is no longer exceptional because it has changed from a desire to a necessity for both women and men. The review of literature for this segment is to understand on the women’s perspective towards hair removal and there are several reasons that caused the whole transformation of the hair removal trend. According to Tiggemann & Hodgson’s study (2008), the influential factors behind the practice of removing body hair on each part such as leg, underarm and pubic hair were all varied. The survey questions regarding to the potential reasons from the research was also derived from the self-concept theory, which it also emphasized on why women needs to reach its ideal self by practicing hair removal.


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