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Business Communication - How Does Corporate Culture Affects?

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1. How does corporate culture affect the communication climate within an organization?

You can take your own organization for an example and give your views

2. Why is the ability to organize and convey information with clarity and coherence an important skill in the Information Age?

Substantiate your answer with how you handle such situations in real corporate life.

Answer both the Questions

1. Induction process also referred to, as the on boarding process is where most organizations communicate their culture and values to new employees. This organizational socialization is the process through which new employees acquire the skills and knowledge to become an effective and integral part of the organization.

Organizations have their own style of communication depending on its own culture. Some organizations have a written culture and some other have oral culture.

Organizations that are small in size, that seek rapid feedback and speed of work generally may opt for oral communication. We can convey a verbal message and receive feedback in minimal time with oral communication. If the receiver is unsure of the message, rapid feedback allows the sender to quickly detect and rectify it. But at the same time there will be no proof to support your actions without any written communication. Whenever a message has to pass through a large no. of people oral type of communication may lead to distortion and in organizations where cultural diversity is prominent oral type of communication would not work. Each person interprets the message in his or her own way. The message’s content, when it reaches its destination, is often very different from the original. Hence the written type of communication works better.

With written communication both the sender and receiver can verify their messages and can have a record of the same for an indefinite period of time that can be used for later reference too. But it has its own drawbacks. Its very time consuming process and privacy is limited.

In my view, the corporate culture mostly affects the communication climate within an organization whenever new employees are hired with a totally different organizational culture experience background.

Many organizations rely on a particular culture to move day-to-day information and succeed in such a business, they must adapt to the existing culture rather than try to change it or ask it to adapt to them. To support this point here is one of my own experiences as an example.

When I was acting as Operations manager at MetLife


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