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Beats Electronics Llc Case Study

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Beats Electronics LLC has an opportunity to launch a new line of athletic earphones (Drill Beats) that provide high durability and comfort to the user while conserving the crisp high quality sound of Beats by Dr. Dre products. We are going to be analyzing the market environment and cultural elements that will affect the success of this new model.

1. Situational Analysis


Drill Beats is the new line of earphones designed specifically for athletes and those who enjoy an active lifestyle. The success of our product depends highly on the innovative qualities and benefits that it will provide to customers. Beats Electronics LLC will need to differentiate the Drill Beats model from any current offering for active people who want to enjoy their music while working out, running, competing, or engaging in any outdoors activity that involve constant movement. The top engaging features of Drill Beats will include: adjustable neckband for stability when running or exercising, Bluetooth connection, high quality sound, and a body that is shock-proof and water-proof.


There are a few strong competitors in the consumer electronics market already. It is important to acknowledge that we will not be competing in the low-end sports earphones, but rather in the premium category. A distinguished competitor is Bose, with their SIE2i sport headphones. They provide great quality sound and ease of use to the customer (Bose, 2012). Another strong competitor devoted to providing high quality sound and designed for active customers is the Sennheiser’s PX685i Sport Earbud (Sennheiser, 2012). The market is filled with all sorts of sports earphones models positioned at different levels of price and performance. However, we need to keep our market in mind. Our target market will include young customers


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