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Audience Benefits

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                             Audience Benefits

A message quality that can be tailored to one's target audience(s). This term refers to the motivation within the target audience that a message strives to encourage or ignite (e.g., appeal to love of family, appeal to the desire to be accepted by peer group, appeal to pride in one’s identity group).

  1. Benefit of Receiver:

You have stress always about the benefit of the receiver of whatever it is you’re trying to get them to do. You should think about the benefit of your receiver more than yourself benefit. You should think about the benefit of the family if you’re talking to your family member, you should think about the benefit of the group of friends if you’re talking to one of them or all of them rather than thinking about your personal benefits.

  1. Powerful Message:

You have talking to your family or one of them, you have to be able to show them how you are going to save them and help them, you have the makings of powerful message that will attract the receiver and it can be beneficial for them more than you. If you’re with your friends then you should make your message to be powerful which can see the benefit of them in your message while you’re in a meeting or conference you have to show them that you can solve the issue or help them in these matters by making your message powerful.

  1. Person’s Shoes:

You are communicating with your family members, friends or business partners, you should adapt your message to the receivers needs means putting yourself in that person’s shoes. It means if you’re talking with your father you should think as father who is talking with his son, same with other family members to show them that this conversation is beneficial for them as it is also important for you. In business meeting you should feel like a boss, so you can avoid slang mistakes in front of him that will help you for effective communication.

  1. Expectation:

A good sender think or expect about how a receiver will decode a message of the sender. It means you should think about your audience that what he or she can think about your message. While you’re talking with one of your family member, you should be careful and good in prediction about the response of the family member against your message. If you are in a business meeting you should predict the response and decoding system of your audience by highlighting their benefits in your message or information which you are going to deliver or share with your boss or business partners.


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