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Some Argue That Globalization Benefits Citizens of Rich Countries. Others Argue That Globalization Benefits Citizens of Poor Countries

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Chapter 1

Some argue that globalization benefits citizens of rich countries. Others argue that globalization benefits citizens of poor countries. What are the ethical dilemmas here? What do you think?

A: Things always have two sides. Some argue that globalization benefits citizens of rich countries, it is true. Muti-national Enterprises invested and developing in poor countries, they can occupy the market opportunities and market shares, because they have strong capacities and mature business means. Also,some MNEs directly transfer their production lines to poor countries, hiring cheap labor and use cheap raw materials, to reduce the labor and production cost. Those poor countries even have to pay for the environmental pollution. However, some considered that globalization benefits citizens of poor countries. It is right too. Because more people have opportunities to find jobs, can afford their cost of life. Also, with the development of MNE, it bring advanced technologies and valuable experiences,leading to the economic development of poor countries. From my point of view, globalization brings benefits both to rich and poor countries. Because when MNEs set up and developed, they need to pay considerable tax fees and cultivate useful talents to poor countries. Also, earning the High market shares may let Muti-national Enterprises have the chances to monopolize industries' economy, get long-term profitabilities.

Critics argue that MNEs, through FDI, allegedly both exploit the poor in poor countries and take jobs away from rich countries. If you were the CEO of an MNE from a developed economy or from an emerging economy, how would you defend your firm?

A: If I was the CEO of an MNE from an emerging economy, I would firstly deep analysis the culture differences between my home country and the country I want to set up my company. According to analysis the culture influence to my company's products sales, I have to hire cheap labors and contact with local suppliers to counsel for the reasonable prices for materials. Additionally, I would hire some talents from high-developed firms which are located in the place I setted up my MNE,because they can better compare and contrast the differences and effective to solve problems. At last, I should ask employees to do some market researches, realizing


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