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Benefits for Converting the Expired Milk into Animal Feed

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Here are some of the benefits for converting the expired milk into animal feed. First of all, it can protect environment from pollutions. The level of the harmful substances in the expired milk will be completely eliminated as it converted into animal feed and the treated by-products can be disposing in an ecologically sound manner.

Secondly, in term of company benefit, this method can effectively help the factory to minimize the waste treatment costs and avoiding disposal fees. Recycling or reuse the milk waste can indirectly help to reduce the disposal of milk waste to the landfill and thus the cost savings are achieved from reduced disposal fees and waste treatment costs. Apart from that, the dairy factory can also generate extra profit by selling the feed to other third party dairy farmers. Thus, it is said that a small reduction in waste treatment cost will therefore have a considerable benefit in profitability.

Thirdly, the animal feed produced will be more natural and beneficial for the animal. Nowadays, many synthetic animal feed is widely available and used for the livestock farmers. The synthetic animal feed consists of hugely heavy metals and artificial preservatives. It can be harmful if frequently consumed by the animal.

Animal feed made from treated expired milk will be more harmless to the animal compare to the synthetic animal feed. It contains little or no healthless heavy metals. Moreover, the artificial preservatives content inside the animal feed also will be lower compare to the synthetic animal feed. Lactic acid produced by the microorganisms in the expired milk can be use as natural preservative in the animal feed as it contains of high acid value. Besides, the micro filtered expired milk will consists of the remaining minerals and proteins (casein and whey protein) which can act as nutrients for the animal. The remaining nutrients are useful to repair tissues, muscle build up and enhance the immune system for the


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