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District of Columbia - Quarterly Benefit Payment

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District of Columbia

Quarterly Benefit Payment.

Looks for Claimant Name, Social Security, OWC #, Date of Injury, Employee ID (if there are one), Medical payments, compensation payments, and VOC rehab payments.

To confirm this for TIG: run clmtr joined with LRun query for the quarter using the proper booking date, direct business, and state. Pull the Paid loss information by Medical and Indemnity bucket (aka compensation payments), Social Security, Name and accident year (D/INJUR) . There might not be an Employee ID or OWC # number. We filed without them so having these fields blank seems to be acceptable. The Voc rehab can be obtained by using the payment code = VI in CLMTR.

For Fairmont Companies: Start with WINS data and query all the necessary fields. (Refer to my WINS documentation for small fee of $9.99 but wait if you do this now I will include a WINS coding absolutely free). In the Pivot table breakout the Indemnity and Medical payments. The medical payments should be in the "medical payments" section and Indemnity in the "Comp Payment". For last few years the only claim that showed up in this query is Donald Leigh.

There isn't a way that I know how to get vocational rehab payment in WINS. However there is a way to bring these claims to CLMTR and use Payment of code of CLMTR to find the different payments including vocational payment. To do this: copy the last six digit of the claim number from wins (starts with many zeros), paste it in the External_Ref_No in LRUN and query the Claim_number (usually starts with a letter). Query this claim in number in CLMTR.

For example- Donald Leigh Claim number in WINS is 000...0827148. In LRUN in External_Ref_No input 827148 and query the claims and It will return a claim number of: 00B04009163. Look up this claim number in CLMTR and it will give you the details


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