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Apple Company Project Topic

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In today's technological era, we have come a long way in just the past decade. It is important to note and credit companies and organizations that have played a vital role in today's technological growth, progress, and success. One of the most important companies responsible for this success is Apple. Millions of people shop at Apple every day, whether it is to buy a laptop, iPod, iPhone, desktop, or even a television. Apple has become a big part of society. In my family, my brother works at an Apple store in the Florida area as a Geek Squad. It is for this reason that the corporation Apple, Inc. will be used for this course's project topic. With the experience and knowledge of the company, my brother will assist me in gathering information and useful resources that is required research and understand this organization.

Steve Jobs originally founded Apple Company in 1976 (Sanford, 2012). At first, it was a company that essentially created and produced computers and other electronics such as music players, cellular phones, and other merchandises. Throughout the past five years, Apple has and continues to connect the world with its innovative technology that has also worked its way into the science world. This corporation not only serves the United States of America, but the rest of the world as well. In the first years that Apple was created, it was not at all popular and famous, or even successful for that matter. It was up until the early 2000s that Apple started catching people's attention with its technology (Sanford, 2012). In 2003, Apple introduced iTunes, which ultimately changed and transformed the way people listened and viewed music forever. By 2006, the use of CD's nearly went extinct. It was replaced by the more modern way of downloading music and synching into one's iPod. This research topic is not just a regular paper that I feel like I am forced to do, it is a personal interest that will be the drive behind completing this project. It is the actual memories of experiencing this great technological change in my generation that will be the core motivation of completing the research necessary. The transition of clicking buttons on a phone was phenomenally changed to touch sense because of Apple. The world constantly and anxiously awaits what Apple will do next and what they have in store for us.

The Apple Company, without its dedicated, countless innovative employees, would not be where it is today. According to Apple's website (2012), with new products, it creates new jobs for about 500,000 Americans. It also states that 304,000 jobs are currently attributed to engineering, manufacturing, and transportation. Furthermore, Apple has provided jobs to Americans in all 50 states (Apple, 2012).


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