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Apple Is a Technology Company

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Apple is a technology company Founded in April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Apple has been very successful for its great innovating and high quality products putting them on top of the market in their sector. But being a leader for so long in what we do includes continuous satisfaction of customers need in terms of new products and quality which brings us the notion of Human Recourses. In the following lines, we are going to give our opinion regarding the fact that apple’s long term leadership is due to their SHRM.

In fact a company could have the best innovating ideas and resources to put it in practice or even the higher paid employee but without HR that believe in what you believe and motivated to reach the goals set by the company none of what we call success/long term leadership can be possible. Taking the case of apple we will answer with the affirmative to the question asked firstly because one of their HRM objectives is “Apple wants to assure that by employing the best people; it will constantly be inventing and manufacturing the best products” which shows us already how important they see HR.

Talking about strategy, apple has put in place SHRM that shows how much the value their employee’s hard work and that is one of the key reason of the company’s success. For example they have an innovative program called Flex Benefits that allows each employee to choose health, life, and disability benefits that best fit their lifestyle and individual/family needs; Apple also offers a wide variety of education classes to help employees to reach their financial goals. Acting this way their able to develop a certain good relation with their employee which will motivate them to work harder and fulfill the company’s goals because they would not like to disappoint peoples who trust and care for them. Another strategy is to provide generous holiday and vacation times to recharge; special fitness plans, health education,


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