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Big Boxx Company - Design Technology

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Design Technology


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Design Situation

Description and identification of problem

“Big Boxx Company” specializes in making and supplying office stationary and the directors are currently interested in penetrating the market even more by developing a promotional desk tidy / organizer in order to gift to valued clientele and customers. “Big Boxx Company” wish to produce and supply a desk tidy / organizer that is not just a pen holder but is also multifunctional. “Big Boxx Company” have advise me to keep the design simple in order to keep production and material costs low. They also advise me that the desk tidy / organizer should also include a variety of options for different types of office stationary. The product should also be small enough to fit onto a student’s study / computer desk.

Problem and solution in a nutshell

I will have to create a desk tidy / organizer that is smaller than an A4 paper using a wide variety of materials in order to satisfy “Big Boxx Company’s” requirements as the product will be gifted to valued clientele and customers in order to show their gratitude and appreciation.

Data Collection


I have conducted a survey in order to find out what exactly the clientele would prefer about the product, the survey followed the following structure.


  • The percentage of respondents are broken out by:
  • Under age 18
  • Age 18 to 44
  • Age 45 - 64
  • Age 65 and above
  • Gender

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The survey was carried out as follows

The Survey

Please help us understand what you would require or expect from a desk tidy / organizer.  (I have checked the most checked answers on the survey)

Please tell us just a bit about yourself…

Your Age

Under 18

45 – 64

I prefer not to respond

18 – 44

65 or over

Your Gender



I prefer not to respond

We would like information about the product…

Do you own a desk organizer for objects such as memory cards, batteries, cleaning products, office supplies etc.? (Choose one)



Would you need a place to organize and store your phone and phone charger?



Is a desk tidy / organizer something you would take interest in purchasing?



What colors would you prefer?


Monochromatic (Black and white)



Other (Please specify) ________________

What materials would you prefer?


Pine / Other expensive woods




I have interviewed a director in one of the “Big Bloxx Company’s” customers company in order to discover what exactly it is that they would want. (I have interviewed the head of a local pharmaceutical company in Jordan, ‘Maen Al Jayousi’.)

  1. Do you think that the product will satisfy customers such as yourself?

Yes, as a company with a lot of desk workers, I found that it is important to prevent in-efficiency within our corporation, the main factor being that employees are not organized, and a desk tidy / organizer would be of great help and would present the appreciation and gratitude of the supplier.


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