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Apple's Hunger Marketing

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I've had a academic conversation recently around four weeks ago when my International English Language Test. And that has been my precious memory.

That conversation happened in the procedure of Oral English Language Testing. My examiner is a smoothie who is hospitable and frank. One thing absolutely interesting is he asked me had I take my mobile away before I enter his testing room again and again. Finally, after three times confirmation, we started the conversation.

Every thing looked like very easy at the beginning, we introduced ourselves to each other, my examiner——Luke is an England, he staid in China for IELTS exam at least two years. He was curious about my hometown, at the same time; he wondered know how my house looks like; meanwhile, what kind of style I'd like mostly. So I told him my hometown is Nanjing and my house been built beside a spectacular lake surrounded by Zijin mountain which very famous in local people; if climb up the mountain on the south-east, you will see my house which has red top and it's a construction has white body, extremely glossy. My parents selected Japanese decorating style. I did adore it but I always been keen on classical Europe style.

Subsequently, Luke gave out a topic of what kind of occupation could save people life. "Perhaps policeman, doctor and fireman" I said; but Luke proposed a more profound question: in this kind of people, some of them sits behind desk could have much more salary than people out of the office and why; for instance, lopsidedness of salary between CEO and ordinary employees in a company. I showed him a theory of human core competitive ability. Team leaders or managers has massive capacity of management and execution, they have adequate experience of activity determination and threat controlling; obviously, they had to been an employee or worker in their initial time, these people like an advantage technology, no matter how many works they did or


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