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Amouage Llc Products - Marketing Across Culture

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Marketing across Culture        

Prepared by:         Marwan Al Rawas

Instructor: Dr. Venkat  Ramraj

Due Date:  16/08/2015        


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Business Brief Purpose:

The brief highlights the strategies and tactics used by marketing and evaluating Amouage LLC products, sold in the Omani market and the international market. Also, the brief is focusing on how the culture is involved in a vital role in the company’s products. Moreover, is to understand the key consideration in the international market.

This brief will also evaluate and analyze the strategies and tactics, which Amouage to market their luxuries products in the International market.

Overview of the company and selected product:

Amouage is an Omani luxury perfume house, founded in 1983 by H.H Sayed Hamad Bin Hamood Al Said. The brand established under a request from H.M Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who hoped to redefine the ancient Omani perfumery industry (1).  Amouage created to be a domestic company, to ensure a luxury Omani production gifts from H.M to his guests. In 2006, the company hired a new CEO, David Crickmore, who took the company to the International level.

 Amouage aimed to have a niche market, which is only targeting the wealthy and affluent class. It is producing many luxury brands such perfumery, Bath, Home and other female and male products. Amouage perfumery production using most natural resources from the Omani environment (such as Frankincense, Myrrh, etc.)   And from around the world.

Amouage aimed to have a niche market from wealthy people around the globe. Amouage products only exist in the fashion capitals in the world (Milan, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and New York City including Oman).

The selected product from Amouage is Gold men, this one of the bestselling from Amouage.  Gold men perfume is one of the aromatic fragrances by Amouage. The fragrance's combination uses the Myrrh and Frankincense from the Omani nature and other unique elements to have one of the luxuries’ and sophisticated perfumes ever (2). Amouage Gold is the first product to be issued in 1983, by Guy Robert and still have a stable of the product line till date.

Marketing Strategies and Tactics used:

 Amouage continue to have a market niche from wealthy people in Oman and around the world, highly-priced brand, which has named ‘Most Valuable Perfume of the World’ (3).

The brand strategically developed a sound marketing mix strategy. They adopt the branding and the advertising to the targeted segment, and they use the strategy of positioning its product for its highest quality ingredients. Without entering a price war with the other local or international brands, Amouage sustains its product line as an International luxury product.

As Amouage trying to be one of the luxury perfumes in the world, they open their boutique in London Harrods one of the expensive malls in the world. Harrods known as the number one direction for the wealthy tourist in London, which Amouage products are targeting.


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