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Pride and Prejudice Notes

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Analyse miss Lucas' thoughts on pride:

Miss Lucas' speech on pride to Elizabeth shows her view about it. Miss Lucas believes pride to be a valid expression to portray if someone has the right to express it or an "excuse" for it (in her day having wealth and family fortune).

Miss Lucas' view on pride I believe is vastly different from societies views today. If someone today openly portrays their pride about an achievement they come across boastful, egotistic, obnoxious and self-centered. Misbehavior due to a view of ones self, in relation to pride, is seen as unacceptable and equivalent to anyone else's misbehavior.

Celebrities are an example of this statement. The general public perceive them to

As their misconducted is highlighted through the media

We can be proud of someone but they cant express their own pride without getting all the other traits that come with pride e.g self centered

Mary's statement on pride

Mary believes that "it is very common" and "human nature is particularly prone to it" and there are "very few of us who do not cherish a feeling of self compliancy". Marys ideas on pride are true today, although pride is seen differently in society, we all still have the want to feel proud of some aspect of our lives. Marys view on pride conveys the idea that pride is an acceptable and common trait that most people have yet tolerable to a certain degree. Being that one would have a sense of modesty with their pride.

Example: Jane Bennet's pride is very modist, considering all the compliments and attention she receives regarding her beauty. Justifying Marys thoughts on pride, Jane is able to receive such compliments from her mother ,"Lizzy is not nearly as handsome as Jane", without encompassing the stereotypical traits that Mrs lucas discusses. As she believes

Definition of pride

feeling of achievement

It is is more satasfiying for someone to justify your pride by saying that they are proud

There is a fine line between


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