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Last update: November 13, 2018
  • Music Notes in Danish

    Music Notes in Danish

    Lektie til næste gang: Løs opgaveark, med eksempel på en eksamens opgave. Opg 4. Den kører meget i mol og er derfor trist, der er nogen melodiske sekvenser. Den har meget tonegentagelse a og f f.eks. Dette er en melodisk opgave. En sekvens: Er en slags gentagelse. Der kan dog godt være ændret i toneart. ________________________________________________________________________ Musik onsdag 29 august Dagens lektie : Løs udl. eksamensopgave "musikteori 1"-opgave 1,2,3. Gennemgås på timen. Derefter videre med

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    Submitted: March 8, 2011 Autor: antoni
  • Geography Notes Year 9 - Bushfires

    Geography Notes Year 9 - Bushfires

    BUSHFIRES – VIVIANNA IP YR 10 - Bushfire: the combustion or burning of bush, forest or woodland area. - They occur because of Australia's hot, dry climate and the fact that Australia experiences many droughts. - South-eastern Australia includes areas that are prone to the most severe and frequent bushfires in the world. - Strong winds in summer and sudden changes in wind direction can worsen the damage that bushfires cause. - Occur in areas

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    Submitted: March 14, 2011 Autor: andrey
  • Bill French Case Notes

    Bill French Case Notes

    Case 16-3 Case 16-3: Bill French Note: This case is unchanged from the Eleventh Edition. Approach This case requires quite a few calculations, but it is a good case for introducing students to the uses and limitations of break-even analysis. It can be used to discuss many of the hidden assumptions involved in such an approach. Some instructors also find it a good vehicle for discussing some of the human problems arising when a young,

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    Submitted: March 31, 2011 Autor: peter
  • Marriot Case - Speaker Notes

    Marriot Case - Speaker Notes

    Speaker notes • Theoretically say it is appropriate to calculate the cost of capital for each division separately • We Need to estimate all WACC parameters for each division on a standalone basis: – what measure of risk free rate is appropriate – what leverage is sustainable and what cost of debt is realistic for each division – without an effective cross-guarantee of other divisions' assets – what cost of equity (equity beta and market

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    Submitted: April 13, 2011 Autor: andrey
  • Additional Notes About 3ds Max

    Additional Notes About 3ds Max

    Additional Notes About 3ds max® 6 This file contains the latest information regarding 3ds max 6. For continuously updated information on all Discreet® products, visit our website at: Installing, Registering, and Authorizing 3ds max 6 • 3ds max 6 displays the Register Today wizard upon startup. Choose "Authorize 3ds max 6" and the wizard guides you through the brief registration and authorization process. You then have 30 days to enter a valid authorization code

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    Submitted: September 21, 2011 Autor: jon
  • Archaeology Field Note

    Archaeology Field Note

    Before I start taking field notes, I want to state that I am really against overprotection on art works. I totally understand the importance of protections for keeping them in good condition for future. However, I want to respect the artists' will. Do they make their beautiful art pieces for thousands years later? I'm sure they would appreciate it, but I believe that they would prefer current appreciations rather than covering all and people can't

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    Submitted: November 9, 2011 Autor: peter
  • London Olympic Games 2012 - Short Notes

    London Olympic Games 2012 - Short Notes

    Organizational Structure: Olympic Games 2012: - Located in poor East London (long term plan for time after games) - Athletes from 205 countries, 26 sports, 300 events in 17 days - 7.9 million tickets (average of 500000, peak around 800000 spectators) IOC (NPO): - governing body of the Olympic Games based in Lausanne (Switzerland) - chose the Olympic host cities - provide contractual guidelines - manage broadcasting rights, international sponsorship, international licensing - OCOG (host

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    Submitted: November 14, 2011 Autor: viki
  • Notes on Currency Conversion

    Notes on Currency Conversion

    Notes on currency conversion: One problem with GNP estimates: in order to compare them, the GNPs in the local currency must be converted to a common currency-conventionally the US$ by using an exchange rate. If the relative values of the two currencies accurately reflected consumer purchasing power, this simple conversion is acceptable. However, it must be recognized that “the use of official exchange rates to convert national currency figures to US$ does not reflect the

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    Submitted: January 29, 2012 Autor: stargazer
  • Notes for Comm

    Notes for Comm

    Reading Notes New generation can come in and make movies now because old generation cannot connect to the younger culture Classically movies were scored through a big orchestra and composer No score in Scorsese’s Mean Streets whatsoever but it still set the mood Big change in the way movies are made and the way they are scored Government helped finance music and movies Is there any role of the government to finance theatre and film?

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    Submitted: February 4, 2012 Autor: ilikewaffles
  • A Note on the Cuban Cigar Industry

    A Note on the Cuban Cigar Industry

    The bargaining power of suppliers is dependent on whether major suppliers can exercisesufficient bargaining power to influence the terms and conditions of supply in their favor.The production in the premium cigar factories is under the direct control of Cuba's Unionof Tobacco Enterprises and is completely separate from the Altadis-Habanos jointventure. Tobacco growers can buy land through government loans and then pay in kindthrough tobacco harvests. So the Cuban government is the only buyer of the

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    Submitted: February 5, 2012 Autor: andrew
  • Pride and Prejudice Notes

    Pride and Prejudice Notes

    Analyse miss Lucas' thoughts on pride: Miss Lucas' speech on pride to Elizabeth shows her view about it. Miss Lucas believes pride to be a valid expression to portray if someone has the right to express it or an "excuse" for it (in her day having wealth and family fortune). Miss Lucas' view on pride I believe is vastly different from societies views today. If someone today openly portrays their pride about an achievement they

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    Submitted: February 8, 2012 Autor: jon
  • Summary Notes

    Summary Notes

    S7 Office of Directors S145(1): All companies must have at least one director who is ordinarily resident in Singapore. (where company has only one member, that sole director may also be the sole member of the company) S201: Listed companies must have at least 3 directors since listed companies must have an audit committee comprising of at least 3 directors S145(2): Director must be a natural person and of full age Role of Director: S157A:

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    Submitted: February 13, 2012 Autor: andrew
  • American Government Note

    American Government Note

    Dred Scott case of 1857: He was a slave; his master lived on a plantation in Missouri. As soon as Scott set foot in Illinois he was free. (Appealed to the Supreme Court) Two rulings: Negros is not citizens of the U.S. and you can’t forbid slavery in any state. It was a catalyst towards the Civil War. He did not end up free. Amendment 13: passed in 1865 and outlaws/abolishes slavery in the U.S.

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    Submitted: February 23, 2012 Autor: sunkiss22
  • Science Notees

    Science Notees

    (1) how an induction cook top on an electric range operates by making use of eddy currents. An induction cooker transfers electrical energy by induction from a coil of wire into a pot made of material which must be electrically conductive and ferromagnetic. The heat generated is analogous to the unwanted heat dissipated in an electric transformer; most of the heat is due to resistive heating like a transformer's copper losses and eddy currents and

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    Submitted: March 8, 2012 Autor: zhmvivian
  • Personal Selling Notes

    Personal Selling Notes

    1. USING COMMUNICATION PRINCIPLES TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS TROUGH TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION The communication process Two-way communication process begins with the sender that wants to communicate some thoughts or ideas, and must to translate these ideas into words (encoding). The receiver must interpret the message and try to understand the meaning (decoding). The feedback expresses if the message has been received well. Communication breakdowns Can be caused by encoding and decoding problems and by the

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    Submitted: April 3, 2012 Autor: svs990
  • Butler Lumber Case Notes

    Butler Lumber Case Notes

    BUTLER LUMBER CASE ANALYSIS 1. Main uses of funds: Account receivables, inventory and payment of Mr. Stark 2. Sources of funds: Bank loans and account payables 3. Financial Highlights: a. Cash has been decreasing from 1988 till 1990 b. Average day payables during the last 3 years: 45 days (Butler forfeited the 2% discount) c. Days account receivables increased to 43 days while cash reserves decreased d. Days tied up in inventory: around 78 days

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    Submitted: June 8, 2012 Autor: moto
  • Chemistry Notes

    Chemistry Notes

    Car Pool: Forming and implementing a car pool will reduce the number of cars, thereby, preventing air pollution by cutting down the use of fossil fuels. This way, it will help in the sustainable use of fossil fuel and its conservation for the future generations. Vehicle Care: Timely servicing of the car helps to keep it in a good condition and also minimizes fuel exhaust. Driving the car at an average speed and turning off

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    Submitted: June 11, 2012 Autor: antoni
  • Tort Course Notes

    Tort Course Notes

    1. NEGLIGENCE Definition In the case of Blyth vs Burmingham waterworks co. 1856 J. Anderson defined negligence as the breach of duty caused by the omission to do something which a reasonable man guided by those consideration which ordinarily regulate the conduct of human affairs would do or doing something which a prudent and reasonable man would not do. Another definition is in the case of Heaven Vs Pender 1883 vol 1 11 QBD p.

    Essay Length: 2,684 Words / 11 Pages
    Submitted: June 17, 2012 Autor: simba
  • A Beief Note on Asian Ppg's Srs Project

    A Beief Note on Asian Ppg's Srs Project

    A Beief Note on Asian PPG's SRS Project Background: It has been observed that almost 60% of cars on the road have minor damage which is not repaired as the customer perceives that a professional repair will incur huge cost & have to manage without the Car for few days. With this phenomenon in mind many re finish paint companies have started different forms of QRS in India. Akzo took this opportunity and started promoting

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    Submitted: August 21, 2012 Autor: jon
  • Pmi Code Note

    Pmi Code Note

    The PMI code is the expectation of practitioners in the world, applicable to any PMI related practitioners. The code is structured based on values: responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty. 1. Responsibility: - Take responsibility of any decisions, actions, and consequences. Specifically: act based on the benefit of whole society; only accept tasks that the practitioner is able enough to undertake; fulfill commitments; make corrections or help others to make corrections when errors are discovered; keep

    Essay Length: 355 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: November 14, 2012 Autor: tim5168
  • Financial Health Powerpoint Speaker Notes and References Final

    Financial Health Powerpoint Speaker Notes and References Final

    Good morning everyone Today we will be looking at the implementation process and what is involved with switching to EMR. We will also focus on the financial technology, cost, and financial incentives. Overall, as we go through this process you will see that EMR would be the way to go for our company. The number one reason to implement electronic medical records is to make for a more efficient and easier to use process of

    Essay Length: 1,157 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: November 25, 2012 Autor: Jem32155
  • Faetures of Product Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    Faetures of Product Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    STRATEGIES FROM FEATURES ASPECT 1)Perfect viewing experience on the go Samsung galaxy note 2 equipped with HD super Amoled Screens. This function show user better clarity and give experience of perfecting all viewing. It also have bigger screen while maintaining a slim body to fit just right in our hand. Because the note 2 has such a large screen, Samsung has added an option to reduce the size of the on-screen keyboard, shifting is over

    Essay Length: 1,323 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: December 30, 2012 Autor: jon
  • Some Notes on Equatorial Guinea

    Some Notes on Equatorial Guinea

    The Auris Project, Inc. Some Notes on Equatorial Guinea By Denise McVeaSeptember 13, 2011___________________________________________________________________ The author recently spent three weeks in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea,which is undergoing dramatic change. Below are some interesting facts and observations about this fascinating West African country. These musingsare not meant to be comprehensive. Rather, the author hopes that thesecomments will animate the reader to learn more about what is clearly oneof the most rapidly developing economies in

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    Submitted: January 4, 2013 Autor: viki
  • Notes Case

    Notes Case

    Great leaders play a large role in encouraging and inspiring their follower store each important goals. Without a leader’s ability to empower followers in obtaining their objectives, all parties fail to reach their full potential. Leadership gives pace and energy to the work and empowers the workforce. Empowerment is the collective effect of leadership(Bennis,2010,p.20).Leaders identify and formulate effective change to address stakeholder expectations through total quality management(TQM).In fact, the recent popularity of total quality management(TQM)emphasizes

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    Submitted: April 7, 2013 Autor: blueashdesign
  • Discussion Notes on Supply Chains

    Discussion Notes on Supply Chains

    Discussion Notes on Supply Chains A supply chain consists of all organizations, facilities, functions, and activities involved in producing a product or providing a service. The basic components of supply chain management are strategy formulation, procurement, supply management, demand management, and logistics management. The key issues in supply chain management relate determining the appropriate level of outsourcing, managing procurement, suppliers, customer relationships, risk and being able to quickly identify problems and respond to them. The

    Essay Length: 1,495 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: October 5, 2013 Autor: bigrob16

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