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Marketing's Evolving Identity: Defining Our Future

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Title of the Article: Marketing’s Evolving Identity: Defining Our Future

Name of the Author: Robert F. Lusch


In the everyday life we are regularly hearing and practising what marketing is. But we are not supposed to know how it has evolved and how it is related with the economy. Marketing is not selling products and promoting a product. It is about to the customer and it is a process of creating a value. And the value has to be marketed. In the article the author is clearly describing the identity of marketing. By approaching the authors view we could know more about the evolution of marketing and its definition’s.


Marketing is very easy to hear and understand and it is very hard to define. It has been started by decades ago, to find a proper definition to find out “what is marketing is ?” We can see how Hunt illustrates the conceptual domain of marketing. It includes micro and macro marketing, positive and normative theories of marketing, profit and non-profit marketing. There are difference views about marketing. Jack Trout, a well-known author and business advisor says that marketing is nothing but selling a product or service for profit.

The evolution of marketing has three stages that are “to market “means taking things to market , “marketing to” means for customers identification and then marketing to them, “marketing with” means collaborating with customers to co-create value

To Market

The first thought was the things that are manufactured or produced must be marketed for selling. The role of marketing is to help society to allocate these scare resources by closing the separation. The items that are used as inputs were sourced , transported and inventoried before production began and the goods were produced before consumption . The products were distributed through wholesalers and distributors and retailers. Before forming AMA there was National Association of Marketing Teachers. They define marketing as “business activities involved in the flow of goods and services from production to consumption”. The AMA redefine the marketing as “the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers to Consumers” Early course in marketing occurred under label of distribute job, commerce/trade. Marketing functions and associated expenditures were justified only if marketing could be shown to hold the utilities of time, place and process. The important functions of micromarketing system 1) delivering of a standard of living for the citizenry and 2) creating a market place that fosters and supports continual innovation and improvement.



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