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Kfc - Market Plans in China

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Subject: Market Plans in China

Yum! Brands is the leading retail developer in China with approximately 6,900 restaurants in over 1,000 cities and are expected to open 700 more units this year. For the purpose of this presentation, we will be mainly focusing on Yum! Brand’s top leading Western QSR in China. Although Yum! Brands is current leading retail developer in China there are always new ways to improve the quality and speed of services provided by their QSRs.

KFC’s Competitor(s): McDonald’s

The current ratio against its nearest competition in terms of the number of restaurants is 2 to 1. McDonald’s and local vendors are currently the competitors that KFC faces in the Chinese market, however McDonald’s is KFC’s main competition.

Market Strategy:


Prices should be competitive with McDonald’s and local vendors. KFC should also include special discounts for seniors and for multiple orders/special combos. As we see in Korea, McDonald’s McDelivery offers a “Special” menu which is allows customers to save money.  


Create a healthy & family oriented advertisement and promote the delivery system and a faster payment over the phone using an App.


Globalize product to match the taste palates of customers. Yum! must maintain it’s food safety by properly controlling its quality in their chicken. In 2013, excess antibiotics and hormones were found in some chicken products sold. A meat supply Shanghai Husi allegedly sold expired meat to KFC last year.


KFC personnel are to receive proper training in culinary and service training and the management will consist of the locals who best understand the customer demographics and needs.


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