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Essay Outline on Agriculture and Civilization

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Essay Outline on Agriculture and Civilization 30 October 2011 Kyra Davis

Introduction: Rivers, mountains and oceans and other physical geography on earth have all impacted farming and agriculture. The physical geography that influenced agriculture also helped some civilizations learn new ideas and beliefs.

A. (Discuss) The Role agriculture played in the emergence or beginning of early civilization.

1. Rivers like the Tigris and Euphrates would overflow. The river overflow of “silt” or river mud fertilized the surrounding lands. (page 27). In the rich river silt, farmers could harvest enormous quantities of crops.

2. The surpluses from their harvests allowed villages to grow. (page 27).

B. What (or How) did physical geography impact agriculture and civilizations.

1. Rivers also moved people and trade goods. In Document 4, “Hymn to the Nile” stated the people’s fortune was tied to the Nile. When the Nile River “rises” or flows fast, then every belly is in “joy,” meaning they have food.

2. Mountains were another geographic feature that could help civilizations by providing protection. In Document 3, the Himalaya Mountains protected the ancient Indians from invaders.

C. (Describe how) Daily life changed for people as civilizations emerged or started throughout the world.

1. The Sumerians who had no natural barriers for defenses were forces to organize, and cooperate to protect their community. They traded with the people of the mountains or deserts for the products they lacked. (page 28)

2. As the Sumerians population and trade expanded, they came into contact with other peoples and their ideas, such as religious beliefs, and arts.


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