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Nestle Company

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Nestle Company was founded by HenriNestlé, a Swiss pharmacist in year 1867. First product of Nestlé Company is called FarineLacteeNestle, a milk food supplement which was marketed at the same year the company was founded. It is also world’s first milk food for infant. Henri Nestle came out with this product to help a premature infant who was unable to tolerate mother’s milk or any substitutes. The life was saved and this product was marketed throughout the Europe. Slogan of Nestle Company is “Good Food, Good Life”.Meaning of the word Nestle in German is little nest.Nestle Company had gone through several merging with other companies, for example Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company and Peter & Kohler Swiss General Chocolate Company. Nestle first began in Malaysia as Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in Penang at year 1912 and then had moved to Kuala Lumpur at year 1939. After its first factory in Petaling Jaya at year 1962, now it has 7 factories and head office in MutiaraDamansara.

Nestle was first started with one product and now it has grown and become the world largest food company which offers more than 8,500 brand and 10,000 products. Nestle has various types of products under its production for example, junior foods, milk, breakfast cereals, hot cereals, creamers, beverages, coffee, culinary products, chilled bliss, ice cream and confectionery and chocolate. Examples of famous brands from Nestle are Milo, Nescafé, KitKat, Maggi, La Cremeria, KoKoKrunch and Coffee-mate. As the conclusion, Nestle is a very successful company in the global world. There have many famous brands was marketed by Nestle, such as, Milo. Nestle done a lot of good strategies to compete with their competitors. For example, their slogan “Good food, Good life” promise that they will always come out the good quality of food for their customers. This slogan make consumers have more confident to buy their products.


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