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Dell Storage Analysis

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Transformational speed: Customer wait times halved.

The Dell/Sage deployment is paying off handsomely, enabling Klaas to

increase production while halving customer wait times. "The Dell and

Sage infrastructure has automated our key production processes,"

says Schnettker. "Because people can see what they need to do and

when they need to do it, we no longer waste time."

As for the 30 minutes it used to take to access critical production

and management information, that's history, too. "The Dell

infrastructure provides access to the management information

we need in just 30 seconds, delivering massive time savings," says


In addition, the Dell storage environment makes data backup

and recovery significantly faster. "In the past, I had to look for the

files across different tapes, which often took up to half an hour," says

Schnettker. "I can now find and recover the files I need in less than

three minutes using an intuitive graphical interface."

Another benefit is drastically improved recovery from data backup

failures — a process that used to take two days now takes just four

hours. Schnettker says a key question when choosing an ERP system

was whether it would grow with Klaas. His


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