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Dell Laptops - Pest Analysis

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PEST Analysis

Political : The political environment in the US has been changing

abruptly in the previous year. Dell being an integral part of this

economy has also been greatly affected by these changes and

has not been able to counter them. Changes in the legislation and

laws of the US govt. have tried to revive the PC business but the

reciprocations have been less then what was expected. The

company has been able to beat the expectations of Wall street

who predicted more dip by posting less losses by cutting costs.

The conservatism that exists in the consumer spending has been

increasing which has adversely affected Dell's performance.

Issues of environment policies has also affected Dell as Dell came

under significant pressure from environmental groups across the

US to assume responsibility for its old products and this

experience sensitized company officials to the risks and

opportunities of state and federal e-waste regulations and the

need to take proactive steps against them.

Economic : high tarrifs on IT products makes Dell difficult to

enter other markets apart from USA . since most of the population

of the world is young and adaptive to change in technology, dell

aimed to manufacture its products which are more user friendly

and can be afforded by young professionals, because purchasing

power of working population saw an increase over the past few

decades. Since the economy saw a change due to the meltdown

and recession, dell also had to modify some of its policies to cope

up with the changing scenario.The


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