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A Letter to My 26-Year Old Self

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Critical Paper

“A Letter to My 26- year Old Self”

Life is full of challenges and trials. This obstacles that we face everyday are meant to help us grow up and in one way or other, no matter if we are aware of it or not, it makes us mature. We face this challenges and learn lessons from it so that in our own time and in our own will we’d get to know what to do every time this trials strike. Indeed, one problem would not just be one but we would face plenty of it, as long as we know the appropriate things to do to succeed and we know what is good and bad, I know we could survive. In the future, we would then cherish every single memory that we have and reminisce the reasons why we ended up the way we are.

Just how could we imagine ourselves in our future- self? Maybe what we have in mind is a person who made a success in everything he/ she dreamed of. We could envisage ourselves wearing the suites we dreamed to have. I could even picture myself in business suit, signing papers and working so hard analyzing reports. We are not so sure what the future would bring us but we would try our best to attain this dreams and ambitions.

This was the first time I think of writing my future- self. I just picture things out and never considered asking if how is she there. This may sound silly but it took time for this topic to be wrapped up in my system. The first time our Ma’am Sheikha introduced this to us, I had lots of question marks in my head. Then I decided to search for the song “Tegami” and I did get the meaning of this. The song was about a teenage girl who wrote a letter to her future- self to ask what and where she is right now. The teenage girl told her that she feels so down in the present. The future- self told the teenage girl to fight and not to give up in her present. She told her teenage- self that she understood why she feels so down.



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