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Ideas Case

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I. Experience

A. My decision to quit boxing

a. Although it was tough on my body, it would have ended out better for me

b. I was getting to be pretty good at it

c. Always complained about how I wasn't putting "work ethic" into it

II. Identify which principles of logic would have been applicable:

A. 13 reasons to study logic

a. Order - Logic builds the mental habit of thinking in an orderly way.

1. "No matter your thought-content, your thoughts will be clearer when they have logical form. "

2. Logic is practical because it orders and clarifies your thinking.

b. Power - The power of logic is twofold – proof and persuasion.

1. The correct use of the power of logic is to attain truth and defeat error.

2. Learning logic will help you read any book more clearly and effectively. You will

c. Happiness - Logic can even help you attain happiness.

1. When we get what we want, we're happy.

2. If we think more clearly, it is more likely that we will get what we want.

3. Logic helps us think clearly.

4. Therefore, logic aids our happiness.

d. Religious faith – All belief, especially religious belief, requires faith

1. Logic defines and clarifies one's beliefs, and especially one's religious beliefs.

2. The application and extension of logic can help you know the consequences of belief or unbelief, and apply them to situations that are not clear-cut.

3. Although logic cannot prove what faith believes, it can help you know why you believe what you believe, giving you better reasons for belief than the usual stock reasons.

e. Logic fosters wisdom


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