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Analysis of Paulo

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To better relate the students to the material, he states the teachers should present the material to students in a way that they understand how it relates to them. He develops an alternative approach to education that promotes transformation, liberation, and change.Freire mentioned the idea of working together to attain knowledge in his educational theory entitled the problem-posing theory. "Responding to the essence of consciousness-intentionally-rejects communiques and embodies communications"(65). In this type of educational atmosphere the student teacher relationship can thrive. Promoting creative power, "problem posing creates a constant unveiling of reality"(65). This type of learning promotes students to ask questions thus allowing creative discussions. Furthermore he says that the teachers should not just teach, and the students should not just learn, but that both teachers and students should go through the process of learning together. Education for critical consciousness has been his main focus to encourage a reading of the world especially of those that are oppressed and under- privileged. Freire speaks of "teacher-learner and learner-teacher" to characterize a dialogue oriented method in education. Later he explored this as follows: "The teacher learns through teaching, the learner teaches through learning." (65) Eliminating the gap of difference that exists between the two. Not only does this eliminate the boredom that often occurs in classrooms, but actually motivates for students to speak out sharing what they know, which further increases their knowledge, as well as their peers.

In my opinion Freire did a good job in pointing out the faults in our educational system [banking-method]. I agree with him that the problem-posing method of teaching is effective because it involves students in class discussions, thus letting their ideas be heard. It will broaden their horizon and expand their way of


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