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World Bank Case Study

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1. Use the strategic grid to analyze the World Bank Case study. Place several of the IT functions, systems and infrastructure in one of the quadrants and explain why you placed it there.

Strategic: Network Architecture. The entire project relies on networking and communication. Network Architecture is solely the most important piece. It will help transforming the business of the World Bank.

Turnaround: Offshoring. Offshore model helped a cost-effective way to have skilled resources and provided uninterrupted development support with the 24 hour cycle.

Factory: IT Performance Management. This function is locally important.

2. Identify and briefly explain three challenges that Muhsin, the CIO, needs to deal with?

The first and biggest challenge Muhsin would deal is “managing the change”. People like to do the business the way they know. Even though the change is for their benefit at the end, there will be a period where they will refuse the change. This needs to be managed effectively with change management methods. Muhsin needs to concentrate on change management to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Second challenge he would face is the “cost”. Business leaders usually look at the project from the budget aspect. Even though the project would save the business money in the long run, it is difficult to justify the money that is being spent, especially if the benefits are not direct and not easy to capture.

Third challenge he would deal is broader. It is global differences like connectivity and network resources and cultural differences in different countries. Some countries are lacking of stable and fast connection. In some countries, those technologies are very expensive. Many people don’t even have access to technology at all. Also cultural differences would


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