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Xyz Bank Case Study

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Executive Summary

XYZ Bank, founded in 1923 is one of the oldest banks in the country owned by the government. With timely acquisitions and mergers XYZ Bank came up with a series of upgrades including biometric ATM’s which is one of the most recent features in their offering. With a recent boom in private banks there has been a slight decrease in the growth rate for customers for the bank and our team was approached with the question of how the bank would deal with the declining rate of new account openings. Our team came up with the following research proposal for bank XYZ. We have segmented the management decision problem which overlooks the overall problem and also have included the marketing research problem where we have tried to zero down on research topics that would have immediate effect on addressing the problems on hand. We have used criteria based on demography, physiological and psychological requirements of customers. We have also elaborated on the approach to the design.


The bank was registered on 20 Nov 1923 and commenced business on 28 November 1923 with paid up capital of ₹100,000 and an authorised capital of ₹1 million. In 1956, linguistic division of States was promulgated and Hyderabad was made the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

In 1964, the bank merged with Bharat Lakshmi. Apart from regular banking services and solutions, Andhra Bank has initiated some attractive services such as AB Premium Current Account and AB Privilege Corporate Salary Savings Bank Account with additional benefits to the customers. Also, the bank has launched AB Saral Housing Loan scheme featuring housing loans up to Rs. 20 Lakhs for their customers.

Andhra Bank was the first bank in India to initiate mobile biometric ATMs. These ATMs stop at planned sites and instead of entering the personal identification number (PIN), the customers have to match finger prints with their recorded finger prints through bank database. This has enabled the illiterate or uneducated customers of the bank to enjoy the ATM facility offered by the bank

Problem Definition

Management Decision Problem:

  • What additional services could we provide to increase customer satisfaction?

Marketing Research Problem:

To determine the target consumer group and their preferences towards the additional service bundle that we are providing.


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