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Cba Bank Case Study

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ACC 2201 01

Spring 2016

Case Study

Financial Statement Analysis


Team members:

You have just been hired as a loan officer at CBA Bank. Your supervisor has given you a file containing a request from the company for a long-term loan. Your job is to make a recommendation whether the loan should be approved.


  1. Obtain a recent annual report of a merchandising US company.
  2. Describe the structure of the annual report and its organization.
  3. Set your standards for comparisons. You have to select at least two of the following standards:
  • Intracompany: standards based on past performance (3 to 5 years).
  • Competitor: two or more competitors operating in the same industry can provide standards for comparisons.
  • Industry: Industry statistics can provide these standards.
  1. Briefly, describe the company and its industry.
  2. Perform a horizontal analysis.
  3. Conduct a vertical analysis.
  4. Do a ratio analysis.
  5. Write a memo to your supervisor analyzing the company. Conclude your memo with a recommendation to your supervisor.

Turn in a printout of all your calculations. On the printout, label all your answers. That is, use words to indicate what the numbers represent. If you abbreviate, make sure your abbreviations can be understood. Your labels (whether abbreviations or entire words) should agree with what is in your annual report. For example, if the category on your balance sheet is called "Short-term Investments," don't use "Marketable Securities" on your printout.

Your paper must be computer-generated. It will be evaluated for accuracy and appropriateness of content, clarity, conciseness, grammar, and professional appearance.

  1. Structure and organization of the report:

The report started by focusing on the key strengths of Walmart, explained by the main speakers:

President and CEO

He describes overall points of strengths of Walmart with a special emphasis on the use of technology for better customer experience, increasing wages and training of associates and increased dividends to shareholders.

Chairman of the board of directors

He describes the great work done by the management in having a sustainable growth of Walmart while generating benefit to the shareholders.


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