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Dua Bank Case Study

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Sahil Gupta, director of research at Dua Bank, Tarnaka branch, is worried. His star Senior Financial Analyst, Harleen Kaur, has abruptly announces her resignation. She has accepted an offer from one of Dua Bank’s competitors. Harleen is not only Dua Bank’s Senior Analyst; she is the only one they had. She has worked at the firm as an analyst for over 4 years. This was not a role that could be left vacant for long, and right now, Dua Bank currently is in need of a Senior Financial Analyst with strong coverage & knowledge of the industry, because of an upcoming deal with the Bank.

Sahil examined how much money Harleen had generated for the firm over the years and realized that he could legitimately raise Harleen’s compensation by 25-30%. Currently she was entitled for a compensation of Rs.15 Lacs per annum. However, Harleen has already made her mind to move on.

Dua Bank’s corporate culture is especially strong in its research division. Senior analysts often begin junior analysts and remained at the firm long after they were promoted. Instead of competing with one another, most junior analysts instead support each other. The organization has open door policies and encourages less experienced analysts to consult them if they had questions. Each analyst strives to be ranked as the top analysts of the firm throughout India by the organization’s renowned magazine, but nothing is more prioritized than the quality ouput at the research department. Analysts have to work for long hours, and a lot of that time is dedicated to researching other companies in the financial sector. It is common for Dua Bank’s analysts to develop contradictory views on the workings of the stock market. Quite a few of these analysts are recognized as industry experts.

Dua Bank’s culture is considered


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