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Ntc/362 - Kudler Fine Foods Integrated Network Design Project Elizabeth Guse

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Kudler Fine Foods Integrated Network Design Project Elizabeth Guse

NTC/362 – Fundamentals of Networking

November 25, 2014

John Leon

Kudler Fine Foods Integrated Network Design Project

Importance of communication protocols

Communication protocols are rules that are needed to achieve when transferring data from one device to another and guideline on how communication device share and exchange information. They are used to transmit data to allow the ability to interconnect network. The below are important communication protocols:

  • Formatting of the information into binary codes
  • It ensure information is broken down into units that are manageable before transmission
  • It controls the data so that is it synchronizing  during transmission preventing any communication conflicts
  • Ensure that data is uniform between the senders and recipient protocols intervene in coding and decoding data
  • Enforce information security during transmittal periods
  • It is also used to apply error detection and correction mechanisms

Protocols that will be used in the design are Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and distributed network protocols.  The rationale for my decision is based on TCP/IP protocol is commonly accepted terms that support different software application and is supported by different software application. TCP data is split into manageable bits and is secure and the correct routines are in place so data correctly arrives to its destination.

Distributed network protocol supports communication in progress and supports peer-to-peer and master-to-slave communications. This protocol is reliable in terms of security containing secure authentication features.  

Network Architecture

Network architecture is the design of a communications network (Panko, 2011).  It provides secure, interpretable infrastructure reliable, and open-standard based communication for distribution of information. In telecommunication, the specification of a network architecture may also include a detailed description of products and services delivered via a communications network, as well as detailed rate and billing structures under which services are compensated. The network components are wired using fiber optic and wireless and satellite equipment.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis is useful because there are some many benefits to get the general perception on knowing who, what, and when information in the network. Below are the five major benefits (Sundhar, 2011):

Heavy Bandwidth Users

This information can provide the most popular websites visited by your employees so you would know the largest bandwidth consumers so that you may act on it.  

Network Security

Network Security can be observed to determine usage of ports and can provide the potentials of network attacks. The report will provide vital information that assist in the detection of irregularities in the networks performance which in turn will save you time and money involved in recovering from an attack.


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