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Integrative Network Design Project - Kudler Fine Foods

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Integrative Network Design Project (INDP): Kudler Fine Foods – Final Proposal


Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) has established that they desire a new Wide Area Network (WAN) that can incorporate three separate store locations into one network. They also desire that each store utilizes a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) as an internal network. Additionally, Kudler Fine Foods would like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication service to connect and within each store network. There are a variety of protocols that are part of this process. Transfer Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) comprise the building blocks of data transfer. TCP is the protocol that is primarily used by the Internet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and email. Without TCP/IP there would be no Internet, FTP or email. Two additional protocols that process data on a network are Frame Relay and X.25. For the Kudler Fine Foods scenario Frame Relay will be used and therefore it is not necessary to go into detail about X.25 protocol. Frame relay was derived from the X.25 protocol and uses the end stations to check for data errors. Frame relay reduces overhead associated with data retrieval and transmission and allows for a faster packet switching method. As recommended the Kudler Fine Food network will incorporate a T1 line which has the capacity to provide for the needed bandwidth from node to node. This will give the customer the option to data burst the line. However, if there is a heavy amount of data traffic on the network it can be controlled so all end users are satisfied. Frame relay uses a specific fast packet switching technology that allows overhead reduction. Error correction and flow control are the determining factors for the efficiency of the fast packet switch. Next, the frame relay inside the network will detect the error and simply just drop the frame. The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model will divide the network communication into seven layers with each layer of the OSI model describing the different protocols and functions. Using Frame Relay you get to exclude any layer 3 protocol because the operation is performed on the Data Link layer (second layer) of the OSI model. When the network and end users at Kudler Fine Foods adapt, a fully connected topology will be used. As for right now, the setup will resemble a Ring Topology.

Current Systems Analysis

There are three locations that make up Kudler Fine Foods. These locations are Encinitas, La Jolla, and Del Mar store which has a Point of Sales Server with four Point of Sale terminals. The La Jolla and Del Mar stores each have their own NT Server and a workstation for inventory accountability. Each of these stores connects through the internet using a 56Kbps dialup modem. All three locations use the


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