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Network Development Course Description

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Information has become the most valuable asset of any organization. And keeping that information secure is a major factor in the design and development of any computer system.  Security is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the state of being protected or safe from harm”.  It is up to every organization to insure that their data is protected, and that nothing that is harmful to the company or its clients is compromised.  

This course covers much material about information security in a few short weeks. Whereas the subject is much deeper than what is covered in the course material, you should obtain a useful overview of how important effective information security is, and some ways it can be effectively acted on by an organization. It all starts with viewing information as an asset and getting all those in the organization to do so as well.

Many steps can then be taken to build on that foundation and help an organization defeat attackers who are out to obtain information they can turn into money. Use the information in the course to help those you work with in the future to better secure their information.

Effective information security policies form the backbone of an organization’s information security efforts. Efforts must fit with the organization, but must still cover all the necessary areas

In addition, all of the subjects that are covered will give you the basis for what you need to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam.  


There are industry standards in place that help to support the organization and to protect their information.  In addition, organizations constantly face legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements from governments, business partners, and others they work with. These will add additional factors when weighing the costs and benefits of different solutions to information security risks. In fact, these requirements may even make some risks more important, often because a company will not want to get in trouble with a government even though they might normally live with the risk they are being forced to resolve through regulations. Understanding the various laws that will affect data is of prime importance to any security effort.

The wide-spread use of the internet has opened organizational information in a way that was never envisioned.  Some people feel that the openness is an invasion of privacy, and others feel that the content should not be restricted.  In today’s world, information is no longer stored on a single server or local computer.  Many organizations now work virtually, or in the cloud.  It is important that security measures be put in place to protect that information, especially because of its open availability over networks and the internet.


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