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Mis Implementation in Dairy Industry

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The FMCG market in Bangladesh has now become very competitive. Therefore, to survive in the industry, a new entrant like Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd. has to capitalize on its low cost of production and high efficiency system to gain success. Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd. has started its market operation on March 2007 and since then it is working continuously to establish itself as a strong market leader in the food and beverage industry in Bangladesh.

This report was aimed to assess the scope of Management Information System implementation in Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd., in effort to make their existing systems of operation more efficient and cost effective to return high profitability.

A detail analysis of the company has been done and scopes of improvement through MIS have been identified. From the analysis of the findings, detailed MIS planning has been proposed for implementation.

Rangpur Dairy & Food Products has made their step ahead with the aim to introduce their premium high quality product as a state of art of producing quality and sterilized (UHT) milk products to their customers, by constantly striving to improve the product to meet the customer’s need.

On the basis of my analysis about the present system of Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd., it has been found that there are provisions to introduce central database system for inventory management, distribution control, accounting database development, loadability optimization system as per requirement of the company to make it more efficient and higher profitability in return in current competitive market situation. Besides fulfilling the requirements of the Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd. Management, my proposed system implementation will give them an upper hand on information security and faster processing of data or report.

Moreover, better control over internal systems and processes


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