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Indian Automotive Industry

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The Economics reforms undertaken since 1991 have given a free reign to the potential of the Indian economy. This was followed by a Series of Second generation reforms, which aimed at deregulating the country and stimulating Foreign Investments to India moving India firmly into the front ranks of the rapidly growing Asia Pacific region.

The Indian Automobile Sector comprises of all vehicles, including 2-3 wheelers, passenger cars and multi-utility vehicles, light and heavy commercial vehicles, and the allied engineering sector comprises largely of the auto components sector. Agricultural tractors and Earth Moving Machinery is an associated sector, which keeps the wheels of the agrarian economy moving. It is heavily reliant and aligned to the automobile and allied engineering sector and plays a significant role in India.

The Indian auto component industry produces a comprehensive range of components which include engine parts like rubber hoses, steel tubes, drive transmission and steering parts, suspension and braking parts, electrical parts, equipment and other parts. The Automobile and Allied Engineering Industry may alternatively be termed the automotive industry.


Overview of the Indian Automotive Industry

• To Study Growth Trends of the Indian Automotive Industry-Auto Component and Automobile.

• Study on International Competition and Major Challenges to the Indian Automotive industry.

• Recommendations favoring Growth of the Indian Automotive Industry.


• The research will be based on collection of data from primary and secondary sources.

• The Primary research will be based on the experience gathered working at Imperial Auto Industries Ltd.

• The Secondary Data will be collected from references and Journals available at Society of Indian Automobile manufacturers (SIAM), automotive components manufacturing Association of India (ACMA) and Faridabad Industries Association (FIA)

• Secondary data would also be gathered from websites and all relevant trade and marketing Journals


A well developed transport network indicates a well developed economy. For rapid development a well-developed and well-knit transportation system is essential. As India's transport network is developing at a fast pace, Automobile Industry is growing too. Also, the industry has strong backward


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