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Australian Automotive Industry Marketing Report

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Executive summary:

This Minor Assignment - Stream 1 is based on a business formulated report discussing the Australian Automotive Industry, and includes a general description of the industry, such as production details, major players, etc. This report will also attempt to identify and cover the microenvironmental and macroenvironmental forces affecting the industry and the likely consequences as a result of these forces. It is hoped that through this minor assignment and by investigating the automotive industry, a broad knowledge of the industry mentioned will be gained, an understanding of how the micro and macroenvironmental forces can and might affect the industry and thus enhance, improve and build my marketing skills. The aim of this assignment is also to provide an insight into how marketing can impact and influence us, in turn how we as the public community can influence others both now and in the future.


Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Industry Description

2.1. Sales

2.2. Production

2.3. Automotive Trade (Imports and Exports)

TABLE: 1 - Major Importers to Australia

TABLE: 2 - Major Exports of Australian Vehicles and Automotive components

2.4. Employment

2.5. Research and Development

3. Micro-macroenvironments

3.1. Microenvironment

3.1.1. Consumers/Customers

3.1.2. Suppliers

3.1.3. Competition

GRAPH: 1 - Major Players

3.2 Macroenvironment

3.2.1 Economic Pressures

3.2.2 Technological Changes

3.2.3 Demographic Forces

4. Conclusion


Motor vehicle industry

1. Introduction:

The Motor Vehicle Industry is a large and complex enterprise which not only consists of the manufacture and sales of passenger vehicles, but also the manufacture and sales of commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, planes, motor vehicle components, vehicle body manufacturing, automotive electrical/instrument manufacturing, engines and motor cycles. This vast industry produces, sells, imports and exports motor vehicles from passenger vehicles to vans, sports and luxury cars. It also comprises services ranging


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