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Sealed Air Corporation Way Forward

BLUF: Double down and revamp efforts to promote AirCap as a superior product to distributors – do NOT enter the uncoated bubbles market.

  1. Sealed Air Corporation should NOT enter the uncoated bubble market.  Sealed Air should respond to the changes in the marketplace by:


  1. Rebalancing is marketing & sales approach.  Have all 62 salespeople allocate 35% of net time to AirCap sales efforts (to distributors).
  2. Incentivize distributors to demonstrate AirCap use and application to customers.
  3. Adopt an Amsoil-type mentality, promote a “first in coated bubbles” and assert its superiority in its class.  Then charge a premium price as people will pay a premium if they think it is superior.  Price is an indicator of quality ( (if a person is told that he or she is tasting two different wines—and that one costs $5 and the other $45 when they are, in fact, the same wine—the part of the brain that experiences pleasure will become more active when the drinker thinks he or she is enjoying the more expensive vintage)  

  1. Should NOT enter the uncoated bubbles market – don’t try to compete with an inferior product with an inferior product (SARAN vs uncoated) – many distributors are complaining that there are currently too many coated grades.

  1. Should find a clear visual method to demonstrate universal superiority that is not reliant on time consuming, expeditionary consultation. For example, AMSOIL avails its product data points in an easy-to-read, and easily accessible fashion on a website, free for all to view (assuming this case study can be anachronistic then internet can be a budding medium for marketing).  Amsoil shows bar graph of oil protection versus other brands and also has non-Amsoil affiliated technicians/mechanics demonstrate its superiority over other motor oils.  ADDITIONALLY, Sealed Air Corporation should establish systematic data point collection protocol on the buying process.


Market a rehashed Exhibit 2 “Sealed Air Presents AirCap As Coast-Effective Substitute” that can be easily understood in a few seconds. Example basic AMSOIL advertisement: [pic 1]

Sealed Air Corps needs to get to this kind of easy on the eyes sales pitch.  Take all those points in the quad chart and mash them up into 4-5 bullet points:


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