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Info Tech Software and Subject Filing

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Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computers to help design three dimension technical drawings . this is achieved through the use of special design co of shapes and objects that may easily be moved and beside

CADD computer aided design and drafting (cadd) is similar to CAD except that it can be used to produce detailed two dimensional pictures of objects in addition to the technical drawing produced through CAD

CAE- Computer-aided engineering this is the use of computers to analyze engineering designs and to simulate complex electrical and mechanical system. It is often used to see if technical designs created through CAD and practicable


CAD and CAE software


Pc ( must be connected to minicomputer or a mainframe )

High resolution monitor

A drum graphic plotter

Inkjet or laser printer

Subject filing

With this subject filing you can separate your files by naming them different subjects, there is suppose to be a different section of subjects so you can find them easily. Some business finds it convenient to group information or paper by subject. Things that I had store in here are those subjects that you are studying. The student studying should find easy access to all the subjects they when they sort it this way in this type of filing as I am explaining called ‘'subject filing'' .When you save your subjects like this is also protects your information from getting thrown out with all the not wanted information .

To easily use this you can easily write the different subjects on a piece of strip paper and put


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